Internal Logistics


The logistics is the science of streamlining flow of material and information, both internal as external . Its origins are military and go back to the early nineteenth century. Its application to the business world has allowed us this is considered an integral which encompasses the provisioning, production, distribution (warehousing and transportation) to coordinate these areas in a rational and coherent.

Its main function is to, try to match the offer and demand, through a process (the flow of materials and information ) cunpliendo the following conditions:




- Products and value added services to the standard market

- Ability to contribute resources (technical, economic and human)

- Experiences and expertise in the design process and ability to fix know (systems, not people)

- Volume of activity and a suitable size of structure

- Participation in tech sectors

- Technical and legal security. Technical ability in terms of process development (ie, quality assurance), and legal compliance with regard to the absolute legality

- Orientation of the company of all its employees to achieve maximum efficiency in its operations with systems that reward results

- Models contract to share the benefits of productivity.



Our consultants provide management and for ensuring all project management:

- Management and location of warehouses and offices .
- Outsourcing of stock control & picking.
- Evaluation prior and during the draft flow control.
- Integrated management of human resources, technical and real estate.
- Audits of project feasibility and implementation.






Strategic advice.
Design of the supply chain.
Planning, optimization and integration of "lay out" the supply chain.
Approvals Tenders and logistics providers.
Integration of logistics operations.
Distribution network design and implementation of control models.
Definition of strategic plans for information systems
Consulting applied to logistic needs.



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