EFMC 2011 conference.


May 24: Vienna City Hall

Publicado por FAMASE el 26/03/2011 (ENG)


To our esteemed colleagues in the facility management profession, EuroFM and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) are honored to present the 2011 European Facility Management Conference – the most significant, all-encompassing educational and networking event for facility management professionals in Europe. The 2011 conference will be the most complete one ever.

On behalf of EuroFM and IFMA, we invite you to join us for this enlightening and informative conference focused on this year’s theme: “Cracking the Productivity Nut“, a topic that plays an important part in demonstrating added value in facilities management.

As detailed in the conference programme, there is something of value for all facility professionals, and as in previous years, we anticipate a global representation of the industry in attendance. Despite different world views and national cultures, facility managers are all challenged by similar issues – from demographic changes to energy management and organisational development.

EFMC 2011 will host two symposia: one for business and practice and another for research and education, thus bridging two disciplines with respect to shared challenges. The conference will take place side-by side with the Austrian National FM Conference (ATGA Congress). We would like to thank the Austrian EuroFM members for their valuable support in hosting our annual conference.

Attendees are invited to participate in (pre-conference) events such as the TU Golf Tournament, Chairman’s View Toast, Research Masterclass, Student Poster Gallery Contest, the EuroFM Awards and the exhibition, each recognising outstanding achievements in facility management.

For those who wish to expand their professional contacts, EFMC 2011 also offers a platform for networking with delegates and speakers, as well as students, educators , professors and researchers in the field...... more info  


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