FM sector to lead way on job creation.


72% of FM service providers will create new jobs in 2013.

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A new survey is indicating that 72% of FM service providers will create new jobs in 2013 – and that some will go to former public sector employees.

The Barclays Job Creation Survey also suggests that the majority of FM firms do not expect to shed jobs this year.


The survey of 700 businesses included 33 FM service providers. Of these, 72 per cent will create new jobs this year, up two percentage points on the same survey last year.

This is the largest new job percentage of the 15 named job sectors surveyed and is also significantly higher than the survey's national average; overall, 56 per cent of companies plan to create new jobs this year.

Furthermore, 74 per cent of FM firms are not planning any job losses within the next 12 months.

Most FM organisations – 76 per cent – said that an increase in sales was the catalyst for job creation, rather than the jobs being created in order to drive sales.

Of the jobs planned this year, 16 per cent will be senior management roles and 73 per cent will be middle, junior or skilled positions.

FM firms also reported that government policy on job creation was having no impact on their business. 79 per cent said government’s efforts to remove barriers to job creation were making no difference – an improvement on last year, when this figure was 90 per cent.

However the FM sector has welcomed the planned reduction in employers’ national insurance contributions. 84 per cent, the highest of all sectors surveyed, said that the announcement to waive the first £2,000 of employers’ contributions will have a positive effect on the job market.

Nicki Thomson, head of business services for survey sponsors Barclays Corporate Banking, said:  “It’s positive news that FM companies are leading the way when it comes to job creation this year. The sector has weathered the economic storm better than some, and there is optimism for the future, largely driven by the amount of government contracts we have seen in 2012 and will see throughout this year.”

The survey also asked FM organisations whether they would be interested in taking on ex-public-sector workers. 58 per cent of FM firms answered in the affirmative, a significant jump compared to 32 per cent last year. The majority – 65 per cent – also said that ex-public sector workers were well-equipped for a role in their business.

By contrast, the national cross sector average was more negative. Of all businesses surveyed, 57 per cent stated they did NOT want to hire from the public sector, with 52 per cent saying they were not well-equipped to take a role in their business.

Thomson said: “The majority of FM businesses are interested in taking on ex-public sector workers, as their skills and experience can be transferred into their businesses. This will be welcome news to ex-public sector workers, as the on-going rebalancing of the economy means many are having to seek opportunities in the private sector.”

Other findings showed that 46 per cent of FM organisations think there will be a shortfall when it comes to private sector job creation, compensating for public sector job losses.

The survey was undertaken in January and February this year


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