'SMEs and Standardization' European Conference.


Brussels, 28 may 2013.

Publicado por FAMASE el 29/04/2013 (ENG)



European Standards offer a wide range of benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They enable companies to improve their efficiency and competitiveness, minimise waste and reduce costs. They ensure the quality and safety of products and services, and make it easier to sell them throughout Europe and around the world. They help to create a level playing field, allowing SMEs to access more markets and attract new customers. SMEs can take full advantage of the benefits and opportunities offered by European Standards, but they often don’t know how to.

The European Standards Organisations, national standards bodies and business associations are working together to improve the value of standards for SMEs, and to make sure that every business can take full advantage of all that standards have to offer.

This European Conference will mark the conclusion of the SMEST 2 Project, supported by the European Commission and EFTA, which has been preparing an SME Standardization Toolkit. This toolkit is being developed for the standardization community and for business associations to facilitate the involvement of SMEs in standardization activities, and access to the results.


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