Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia 2013.


Singapore 02 - 05 September, 2013.

Publicado por FAMASE el 10/05/2013 (ENG)


One simple, but highly effective, lesson learnt from last year’s London Olympics has been taken from the story of the brilliantly successful cycling team and their visionary coach, David Brailsford. Brailsford believes that by breaking down and making just a 1% improvement in every area of an athlete’s performance the overall result can be significantly improved. Similarly, an exceptional and award winning shared service centre is the sum of its parts and only if all the parts are supporting one another can the organization become a winning one!

By examining the core processes within your shared service centre and subsequently enhancing all of them – the aggregation of those marginal gains might just make your team a winning one!

In SSO Week Asia we examine just how to do that, covering key challenges facing SSO’s in Asia today:

Effective talent management in good times and bad: Creating future leaders, dealing with attrition, direct sourcing and human capital management during M&A.

Creating an agile cost effective operations structure: Considering multi-sourcing options, examining the benefits of a GBS model and improving governance and risk control.

Innovation in end-to-end process to achieve customer satisfaction: Implementing a continuous improvement culture, embracing a multi-tower centre of excellence and automating HR and P2P processes.

Value-added services: Making the most of your data and examining what additional value your shared service centre can offer.

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