Group promotes bill for facility management.


IFMA present a bill on the enactment of facility management legislation (Nigeria).

Publicado por FAMASE el 29/08/2013 (ENG)

WorldStage Newsonline-- The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) on Tuesday revealed plans to present a bill on the enactment of facility management legislation.

Director, Board of Directors of IFMA, Mr. Collins Osayamwen, said in Abuja that the plans were underway for the association to approach the Presidency for the possibility of presenting the bill as an executive bill since the procurement process in most organiztions was weak.

The law, he said  would address  the lack of regular turn around maintenance of public facilities Nigeria.

He said that: "We need to conduct a proper research, do our homework very well, which is currently ongoing, and ensure that we get the right processes in place and present it to the executive to ensure that they present it to the National Assembly as an executive bill. We are calling on government for us to see how we can see this bill passed so that we can have it as a profession so that we can have a voice. The only way we can have a voice is to have the legislation."

He however noted that since there appears to be vague awareness of the essence of facility management in the country, the association would chose to pick the Abuja National Stadium as a pilot project of facility management.

"Now, to expose the concept of this profession will cost money and what we are asking for is opportunity to continue to showcase the proposition of facility management. If we can get a public facility to demonstrate what facility management can do for a country, it will go a long to achieving what we have been looking forward to. For instance, the challenge we have give ourselves is give us the National Stadium and see what we can turn it."

Osayamwen said the association would turn around the stadium through a Public Private Partnership or otherwise, stressing that the group was still planning the model after a house in Australia.

He noted that the essence of the facility managers was to ensure that they play their role is to manage built environment in order to achieve the purpose of designing it .

Osayamwen said facility managers reduce cost as most organizations' procurement process are deficient.

His words: "When we are able to implement facility management in all the organizations will be able to save billions of dollars because we are losing a lot from procurement process. We are losing a lot from not managing our facilities very well. With time the facilities fail while we lose a lot of money in the process.”

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