IFMA Toronto November Breakfast Seminar.


November 14th , Catastrophic Flood Events – Preparedness, Remediation & Restoration.

Publicado por FAMASE el 12/11/2013 (ENG)

IFMA's Toronto Chapter is a professional development organization belonging to the International Facility Management Industry.  The Toronto Chapter is one of the largest IFMA Chapters in the world, and it is dedicated to elevating leaders in facilities management and related industries. The Toronto chapter has been delivering internationally recognized credentialing programs, research and networking opportunities for more than 30 years. These opportunities expand and leverage the membership’s collective knowledge and experiences.

Mission:  IFMA Toronto has a mission to elevate the value and importance of Facility Managers and the Facility Management Industry.  The membership participates in defining standards of excellence, creating a culture of professionalism, and providing industry resources.  These actions instill innovation, passion, collaboration, challenge and meaning across the industry and the membership.

Vision: IFMA Toronto supports the Facility Management Community; and advances individual careers that result in overall improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction, and quality of work. The outcome is innovation and a stronger bottom line for participating organizations .

Date: Thursday, November 14th

Time: 7:00am-9:00am

Location: Chestnut Conference Centre

Topic: Catastrophic Flood Events – Preparedness, Remediation & Restoration

Explore how you and your organization can be prepared for future environmental disasters

Discover the best channels to utilize to recover from a catastrophic event and how you can save your organization time and money.

Learn from challenges experienced by others who have already navigated through the remediation and restoration process.

Network and share your experiences with peers and senior leaders in our industry

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