What makes a successful Facilities Manager?


Interesting event in November, 2013 concentrating on determining what makes a good facilities manager.

Publicado por FAMASE el 14/02/2014 (ENG)

The BIFM People Management Special Interest Group hosted an interesting event in November, 2013 concentrating on determining what makes a good facilities manager. Nine of the thirteen previous winners of the BIFM Facilities Manager of the Year Award attended the event and discussed what they felt were the most important factors in helping them to achieve their success.  The discussions provided some key insights in to what attitudes and behaviours a successful facilities manager must demonstrate.

Confidence was agreed to be a key element for success within the industry. Experience was considered  to be important in the development of confidence, however that’s not to say that time-served in the industry alone is a determinant for success; facilities managers must also be bold  and use their confidence to face failure. Successful facilities managers recognise that failure is always a possibility and will either overcome it or learn from it.

Despite the obvious need for confidence, as a facilities manager you don’t necessarily need to be outgoing to be successful. Out of the nine award winners three of them described themselves as introverted which proves that whatever your personality type you can still be highly successful so long as you have a passion for excellence and the drive to achieve high standards with the ability to lead your team to achieve the same.

If you are facilities manager looking to develop yourself or your team it would hence prove useful to focus on how you could improve your attitudes as well as your skills; how can you develop confidence, encourage challenge, support failure or feed passion to become a successful facilities manager?

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