Italian industry reports for 2013.


Association of professional cleaning equipment manufacturers.

Publicado por FAMASE el 17/11/2014 (ENG)


The Italian association of professional cleaning equipment manufacturers AfidampFAB has reported an increase of two per cent in revenue for 2013, to a total of 1,434,625,675 euros.

The growth is accounted for by an increase in exports of four per cent, while in Italy there was actually a decrease in sales of one per cent. Up to 53 per cent of total turnover is in markets outside Italy, with machinery accounting for 68 per cent of turnover and equipment 65 per cent.

European countries are the most important export customers for Italian manufacturers, particularly France and Germany. Outside of market the leading markets are the Far East and the Middle East.

In terms of revenue machines make up 32 per cent of total production, with chemicals at 14 per cent, equipment at five per cent, away-from-home paper 31.4 per cent, cloths 1.6 per cent, accessories and spare parts five per cent, and other products 11 per cent. Regionally, Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna lead the manufacturing industry.

The machine and chemicals sector remained fairly stable compared to 2012, while paper saw a six per cent increase overall. Interestingly, room fragrances reported a 29 per cent increase in Italy.

The survey also looked at the businesses making up the manufacturing sector and around 36 per cent are small businesses with revenue up to four million euros. Around 52 per cent are medium-sized family-operated companies with revenue between four and 30 million euros, with 12 per cent being large companies with turnover of more than 30 million euros.../...

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