The debt owed by public administrations by ECJ.


Debt owed by public administrations to Spanish cleaning companies totals 618 million euros.

Publicado por FAMASE el 26/01/2015 (ENG)

The debt owed by public administrations to member companies of Spain's Professional Association of Cleaning Companies (Aspel) in 2014 is 618.5 million Euros, representing a 2.2 per cent decrease compared with the previous year.

Aspel president Juan Díez de los Ríos commented: "In spite of the fact the debt has come down slightly, the public administrations continue not to comply with the law on late payment."

According to data gathered by the employer's organisation the administrations which owe most are the autonomous communities with a debt of 304.5 million euros, 12.8 per cent less in comparison with 2013.

And it is the regional governments which take longest to pay - on average they 116 days late in settling invoices. The autonomous communities with the worst records are Cataluña, Valencian Community, Baleares and Murcia.

Local authorities' debt to cleaning companies is 189.7 million euros, 16.3 per cent less than the previous year. The municipalities' average payment time is 108 days.

The State is the public administration which has most increased its volume of debt during the past year. Its overdue payments this year amount to 124.2 million euros, a 179 per cent increase, with an average payment time of 76 days.

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