The Pulp & Paper Sector's Sustainability Report .


The Spanish paper industry is the European sub-champion in paper and board recycling, exceeded only by Germany in volume of paper recycled.

Publicado por FAMASE el 08/05/2015 (ENG)


The Pulp & Paper Sector's Sustainability Report is published every 3 years. Prior to the forthcoming 2014 Sustainability Report which is already in preparation, this 2014 Update provides the latest avail- able data concerning the most significant information provided in the Sector's last Sustainability Report (2011).

This update summarises and remarks on the most relevant data about Sustainable Forest Management, Efficient and Responsi- ble Manufacturing Processes, Leadership in Collection and Recycling, and Generation of Wealth and Contribution to Living Standards, the Sector's 4 priority fields of action with regard to Sustainability.

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