World FM Day 2017.


another nuevo este año el 17 may/mayo

Publicado por FAMASE el 28/04/2017 (ENG)

Enabling Positive Experiences  to be celebrated on 17 May 2017

Global FM, the alliance for facilities management (FM) associations worldwide, has announced 17th May 2017 as the date for the next World FM Day.

Each year, World FM Day showcases the vital work FM professionals and the FM sector contribute to businesses worldwide whilst raising the profile of the FM profession across the global.

The theme for 2017 with be ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’ and will highlight how facilities management plays an integral role in positive customer, client and employee experience in all sectors, whether it is residential, sport, workplace, healthcare or any other.

Duncan Waddell, chairman of Global FM, said: “The 2017 theme emphasises facilities management’s significant role in setting and managing the scene for and delivering exceptional customer experiences worldwide across multiple sectors. The breadth of sectors impacted by FM is everywhere and there are examples in travel and tourism, residential, entertainment, leisure, health, education and commerce, as well as the wider workplace.

“The often unforeseen and disruptive forces in today’s world must be anticipated and managed to ensure stability and success in whatever sectors people seek the deliverables of the FM and their teams to ensure that outcomes and outputs of facilities meet expectations to enhance life whether it is at work, rest or play.”

Will Bowen, chairman of the Global FM Task Force, said: “I believe this theme for 2017 will reach out to all of society and showcase the vital impact facilities management has on enabling the customer, client and employee experience through creating functional environments in every country for every culture. It highlights that FM serves customers absolutely everywhere, from those living in residences serviced by FM providers, to passengers travelling through airports, to supporters at sports events, to those attending school or university, visiting a hospital, a theme park or just going to work every day. FM professionals are ultimately responsible for providing these customers with a positive experience through making the venues involved fit for purpose.

“This theme not only allows external people to link their everyday lifestyles with facilities management, it also allows FM suppliers and FM staff to link what their organisation does to support this theme. FM often delivers through adversity, with a requirement for a high degree of technical know-how, from a receptionist to an engineer, to a contract manager to a cleaner, and many other trades. We would encourage all of these people to celebrate World FM Day and how they as FM professionals enable positive experiences.”

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